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CORNICE makes it easy for customers to get their Apple computers serviced and to receive help whenever they need it.

    • Under normal circumstances, pre COVID-19 and pre Apple Retail/Sales Store closures, we were accepting Walk-in Repairs and offering Rush Fees, however during these difficult and unprecedented times we are temporarily requiring a Reservation in order for you to bring in your Mac or iOS device for repair.
    • We offer consulting, setup, diagnostics, repairs, and upgrades.
    • Under some circumstances, we can work with you if you need your computer back right away to meet a deadline; we will diagnose it, and give it back to you until the part(s) arrives. Once we receive the part(s) we’ll contact you, so you can bring it back for us to replace it.
    • We have been an Apple Authorized Service Provider since 1994 and will repair your Apple computer under its First Year Limited Warranty or AppleCare at no charge to you; however these warranties do not cover Software Issues, Liquid Contact, or Accidental Damage.
    • AppleCare+, which we also honor, does cover most types of accidental damage at no charge to you, with the exception of Apple’s Service Fee which we collect on their behalf. AppleCare+ does not cover catastrophic damage.
    • If Apple has classified your computer as “Vintage” or “Obsolete” we will still diagnose it and repair it, unlike the Apple Retail/Sales Stores.

TWO Locations to Serve You

CORNICE services many locations in the Inland Empire and Orange County areas.

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What We Offer

Committed to Providing You with the Highest Quality Service

CORNICE offers the best in Apple service and support to meet all your needs. We have quick turnaround times, personal service and professional quality work.

  • Diagnose, repair and/or upgrade your Apple device.
  • We will fix your Mac regardless of it’s age.
  • Consult with you about the best one to buy to meet your needs.
  • CORNICE is Apple Authorized & honors AppleCare and AppleCare +.

Personal Solutions

CORNICE makes it easy for Home Users and Students to get their Apple products serviced and to receive help whenever they need it
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Business Solutions

CORNICE makes it easy for Home, Small, and Medium-Sized Businesses and Corporations to get their Apple computers serviced and to receive help for their Staff and Administrators
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Education Solutions

CORNICE makes it easy for Private Schools, Charter Schools, K-12 Schools and Colleges and Universities to get their Apple computer desktops and laptops serviced and to receive help for their Students, Educators, Staff, and Administrators
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