You don’t necessarily need a Reservation to bring your Apple device (Mac, AppleTV, iPhone, iPad, iPod, AirPods, Beats) to us for repair.

You can just show up at either of our Locations to get it checked in, but it will be approximately 1-4 business days before we can start the diagnostic process, depending on our workload at the time of check-in.

We offer a RUSH Fee if you weren’t able to make a Reservation, or if there aren’t any Reservations available, but the RUSH Fee is above and beyond all other charges, and completion time is not guaranteed. For more information about our RUSH Fee, please refer to our FAQ section.

Your best option is to make an appointment with us through Apple’s Reservation System.  Here are the steps to do that:

1. Go to Apple’s Reservation System website.

Click Here to create a Reservation on Apple's System

2. CLICK on the “Service and Support Banner.”

3. CLICK on the picture that matches Your Apple device.

4. CLICK on the Type of Apple device you are having issues with.
(may not always give this option)

5. CLICK on the issue you are having with your Apple device.

6. CLICK on “Bring in for Repair”.

7. Enter your Apple ID and Password.

8. It may want to send an “Authentication Code” to your device to “Verify Your Identity”.

9. Enter Your Zip Code, so it can direct You to our nearest authorized location.

10. CLICK on CORNICE on the Left Sidebar.

11. CLICK on an Open Reservation that is most convenient for you.

12. You will receive an eMail from Apple confirming your Reservation.

We'll See You Soon!

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