Under normal circumstances, pre COVID-19 and pre Apple Retail/Sales Store closures, we were accepting Walk-in Repairs and offering Rush Fees, however during these difficult and unprecedented times we are temporarily requiring a Reservation in order for you to bring in your Mac or iOS device for repair.

PLEASE don’t make a Reservation if you are unwell or have exhibited any of the symptoms identified by the CDC as potential symptoms of unwellness, we would advise you to stay at home, and have someone who is well (i.e. not exhibiting any of these symptoms) drop off your Mac or iOS device for repair.

If you are not able to make it to your Reservation at the designated time, we will not cancel your Reservation, but please call us to let us know you are going to be late.

If you are not able to make it to your Reservation for any reason, please be considerate of others, and cancel your Reservation to allow someone else a chance to bring their Mac or iOS device in for repair. In the eMail you received from Apple titled “Your Upcoming Reservation”, there is a link you can click to “Manage My Reservations” which allows you to easily cancel your reservation.

Here are the steps to make an appointment with us through Apple’s Reservation System:

1. Go to Apple’s Reservation System website.

Click Here to create a Reservation on Apple's System

2. CLICK on the “Service and Support Banner.”

3. CLICK on the picture that matches Your Apple device.

4. CLICK on the Type of Apple device you are having issues with.
(may not always give this option)

5. CLICK on the issue you are having with your Apple device.

6. CLICK on “Bring in for Repair”.

7. Enter your Apple ID and Password.

8. It may want to send an “Authentication Code” to your device to “Verify Your Identity”.

9. Enter Your Zip Code, so it can direct You to our nearest authorized location.

10. CLICK on CORNICE on the Left Sidebar.

11. CLICK on an Open Reservation that is most convenient for you.

12. You will receive an eMail from Apple confirming your Reservation.

We'll See You Soon!

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