March 19, 2020


To our CORNICE family,

We believe our repair services are the cornerstone of communities, and facilitate continued access to information and education, by way of functioning IT equipment and Infrastructure. In times of crisis, it is even more important than ever for people to know they can count on us. As a result of the State of Emergency declared by Governor Newsom of California due to the COVID-19 Health Threat, our company plans to continue operations as an “Essential Business to Communications and IT Infrastructure”, as set forth by the Federal Government in the “Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers DURING COVID-19 RESPONSE” Memorandum. Please note that the governor’s order requires residents to remain at home unless necessary for essential purposes. If you have a repair that is not essential to your IT Infrastructure or Communications function, we would encourage you to refrain from visiting until the governor’s order has been lifted.

We take the health, safety and well being of our employees, vendors, customers and community very seriously and with great compassion. We are taking all measures to strictly follow CDC and local health authority guidelines to keep our public access area, and all of our work areas, clean and sanitized. To that end, while we have increased the frequency of cleaning, handwashing and sanitization of our facilities for employee uses, we are temporarily denying access to our employee restroom to all customers in order to best comply with these guidelines and protect the safety and well-being of all parties.

Further, in order to comply with the CDC Guidelines of “Social Distancing” we are implementing specific changes to our Check-in Process when you come in to drop off or pickup your Apple computer or Apple device for repair. Please see our updated process below, which we are implementing immediately (as of March 19,2020):

1a) We would prefer that you make a Reservation before you bring your device to us for repair. PLEASE don’t make a Reservation if you are unwell or have exhibited any of the symptoms identified by the CDC as potential symptoms of unwellness, we would advise you to stay at home, and have someone who is well (i.e. not exhibiting any of these symptoms) drop off your device for repair.

1b) If you are not able to make it to your Reservation at the designated time, we will not cancel your Reservation, but please call us to let us know you are going to be late.

1c) If you are not able to make it to your Reservation for any reason, please be considerate of others, and cancel your Reservation to allow someone else the chance to bring their device in for repair.

2) When we see your Reservation in our system, we will eMail you and ask you to fill out a form, which contains the necessary information we need to check you in as a new customer. Please click “Reply” to fill out the form and eMail it back to us. By getting this information from you ahead of time, it will reduce the amount of time of your in-person visit.

3) BEFORE you bring in your device please remove any external cases or shells, and also remove the Keyboard Cover (if any). We do not need any cables or power cords or power adapters, unless they are related to the issue you are having (i.e.- if your iMac or MacBook Pro is having power issues, you can bring in the Power Cord or Power Adapter). We also don’t need the box your device came in, please only bring in your device. Please also ensure that you have backed up your data on your computer or device (if possible), and that you have turned off “Find My…” on your computer or device. If you have any questions about what parts may be necessary for your visit, please ask us when you reply to our eMail so we can resolve it ahead of time.

4) When you arrive in the parking lot for your Reservation, PLEASE STAY in your car, and call us on the phone at the phone number listed for your nearest location to let us know you have arrived.

5) While you are waiting in your car, we will enter the information you eMailed us into our system, as quickly as possible, which will enable faster processing and reduce your time in our lobby.

6) Once we are ready for you to come in and drop off your device, we will call you back. We are only allowing one customer into our lobby at a time, in respect of the 6 foot social distance guidelines, and may need time for our additional sanitation measures – we really appreciate your patience in allowing us time to take these extra measures!

7) PLEASE only have one member of your family come into our lobby to drop off your device. We reserve the right to deny entry to additional persons if it is not necessary for your check-in to receive essential services and we appreciate your understanding in that regard.

8) Due to the temporary closing of the Apple Retail/Sales Stores, we have been receiving a high volume of calls. If you want to check the status of your repair, please don’t call us on the phone for an update, as it will only delay our ability to assist and respond to new, urgent requests and will delay your ability to get the information you seek.  Instead, please eMail us and we will eMail you back with an update as soon as we are able.

IF our Reservations are filled, and you are not able to make one as a result, you can show up without a Reservation, subject to the following: when you arrive in our parking lot, PLEASE call us at the phone number listed for your nearest location to let us know you have arrived, and please understand that the processes described above will apply. During our call we will take all the contact information that we need, and will put it into our system while speaking with you over the phone. We can then have you come in to drop off your device in accordance with the processes described above.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding in these difficult and unprecedented times!

We express our deepest gratitude to the first responders and those on the front lines that are battling this virus, and pray for their health and safety!

We pray you and your loved ones stay healthy!

If you, or any of your loved ones, are unwell, we pray for a quick and full recovery!